Sunwukong,also known as Qitiandasheng,which title he appointed himself

an equivalent of emperor above.He was a spirit stone on the top of Huaguo mountain many years ago,exposed naked in the alternative of sun and moon,experienced the bathing of sun and rains,he got some magic power and turned into a monkey,

which had every character of human and was extremely clever .At an occasional chance,he met a Taoist whose name was Taiyi zhenren,

who was a supernatural being;Suenwukong was attracted by his ability of turning himself into many animals,so he pleaded for being the Taois's apprentice,the Taoist agreed and taught him many skills,which helped Sunwukong to be in the highlight of both in heaven and in the world.


I admire Wen Tianxiang, who is still determined to die in the face of the temptation of senior officials of the Yuan Dynasty, Yang Jingyu, who is still fighting against Japan despite running out of food and ammunition, and Xia Minghan, who is still willing to die in the face of fierce reactionaries They are all great heroes of the Chinese nation, and they are all worthy of our admiration. But the hero in my heart, as well as academician Zhong Nanshan who is fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention.

  Zhong Nanshan, an 84 year old man, is also an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, a famous respiratory expert, and a leading figure in the prevention and control of respiratory infectious diseases in China.

  17 years ago, with the outbreak of SARS, people fell into panic in the face of unknown viruses. Academician Zhong Nanshan was calm and fearless. He saved lives with the kindness of doctors, treated critical patients regardless of his own life risks, and fought for lives with the God of death, the old man, and became a fighter. \If there were no academician Zhong Nanshan in the fight against SARS, the result might not be like this,\ someone commented In 2003, Zhong Nanshan was awarded the honorary title of \anti non hero\ by Guangzhou city.

  17 years later, academician Zhong Nanshan, 84, is still moving all Chinese people. When the novel coronavirus pneumonia appeared, he still fought against the virus in the first line of battle to find the best medicine to overcome the virus. Now, in the critical moment of pneumonia, academician Zhong Nanshan has become the backbone of the people. With him, there is a belief in victory. You are the sea god needle in our heart!

  Let’s pay tribute to the old man and all the medical workers who are fighting in the front line!



  钟南山,一位84岁的耄耋老人, 也是中国工程院院士,呼吸病学专家, 而且是当之无愧中国呼吸系统传染病防治的领军人物。

  17年前,非典型肺炎疫情爆发,面对未知的病毒,人们坠入恐慌,钟南山院士冷静、无畏,以医者的妙手仁心挽救生命,不顾自身生命危险救治危重病人,与死神争夺生命——老人,变成了战士。有人评价说:“抗击非典如果没有钟南山院士,结果可能就不会是这样。” 2003年,钟南山被广州市授予“抗非英雄”荣誉称号。





  In January 2020, novel coronavirus was attacked in Wuhan, Hubei. Among the many angels in white who are fighting against the virus and saving lives, I have noticed a 84 year old man with gray hair. He is academician Zhong Nanshan whom I admire most.


  The novel coronavirus is highly infectious. It is infected with the virus and is dangerous when it is heavy. You have been appointed commander in chief of the \war epidemic\ by the state. When you went to Wuhan, when you were interviewed by reporters, you earnestly warned the people of the whole country: othing, don’t go to Wuhan.\ Then he boarded the high-speed rail without hesitation. The photos of you taking a rest on the high-speed rail seat make people all over the country moved and tearful. After arriving in Wuhan, you have repeatedly appealed through the media to everyone to pay attention to safety and isolation, but you have put yourself into the battle without gunsmoke regardless of your personal safety.


  Today, the number of confirmed infections and deaths is increasing day by day, which is a great test and threat to the angels in white participating in the battle. But you didn’t flinch, but you took out your own skills and courage to take on the responsibility of protecting your country. With your actions, you show the heroic spirit of \die in national calamity, and see death as return\”. Your white robe is your battle garment, and your wisdom is your sword. You work day and night to lead the angels in white to overcome difficulties and devote yourself to human health. In a recent interview, you said with tears of heroes in your eyes, \”Wuhan is a city of heroes, which can pass the customs.\” Once again, your feelings of serving the world in a tearful manner.


  Academician Zhong Nanshan, I admire you! You have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, go forward with great strength and vigour, and novel coronavirus, which has caused the destruction of human beings, and have already sown a sharp sword. It is a great blood for Wuhan, for the motherland and for humanity.


阿隆那克斯教授 Professor Aronnax 仆人孔赛伊 Servant Conseil 鱼叉手尼德兰 Harpooner Ned Land 尼摩船长 Captain Nemo 鹦鹉螺潜艇 the Nautilus (潜艇的英文是submarine,但鹦鹉螺潜艇直接用the Nautilus 就行了)


Liuxiang is one of the most famous running athletes. He was born in Shanghai China in 13th. July,1983. He is 1.88m tall and 74 kilograms. He like singing, his favourite singer is Zhang Xueyou. When he was a little boy he like sport very much, he did a lot running exercises. so he can run very fast now. He won 110m men’s hurdle’s gole medal in 2004. We call him \Air Chinese\.



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